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Honoring Diplomats Punished for Doing their Job Well

May 2023

The Case of George Horton by Ismini and Chris Lamb The Department of State recently set a useful precedent by honoring Archer Blood, the U.S. consul general in Dhaka during Pakistan’s brutal suppression of free elections in East Pakistan (now … Read more

Books of Interest February 2023

February 2023

Leadership By Henry Kissinger
State of Disaster By Maria Cristina Garcia
Nomad Century By Gaia Vince
Republics of Myth By Hussein Banai, Malcolm Byrne, and John Tirman
The Story of Russia By Orlando Figes
Coalitions of the Weak By Victor C Shih
Backfire By Agathe Demarais
Spies, Lies and Algorithms: : The History and Future of American Intelligence By Amy Zegart

U.S. Relations With China: DACOR Conference Summary

November 2022

by Keith McCormick and Emma W. Sandifer As relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) loom ever larger for the U.S., DACOR’s annual conference in 2022 focused on “Balancing Competing Interests in U.S. Relations With China.” The Washington-based organization … Read more