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The Department of State manages hundreds of educational, cultural, and professional exchange programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Thoughts on Diplomacy from Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch


Our National Devaluation of Diplomacy by Thomas E. McNamara

The Importance of Economic Interests in Foreign Assistance by Roman Napoli

Restructuring Our Assistance in Least Developed Countries by Mark G. Wentling

A Salute to Cultural Diplomacy and Those Who Make It Possible by Renee Earle


Restarting Educational Exchanges with China after the Cultural Revolution by John Thomson

Spreading Americana in the Post-Soviet World by Robert Baker

Playing the Kinship Card in Communist Bulgaria by Jonathan Rickert

Portuguese Diplomacy in Newark, New Jersey by Jorge Marinho, Júlio Ventura, Guilherme Guimarães

From Our Archives

Cultural Exchange and the Cold War: How the West Won by Yale Richmond (March 2013)

How U.S.-Soviet Scientific and Technical Exchanges Helped End the Cold War by Olga Krasnyak (November 2019)

ADST Moments in Diplomatic History

USAID debated different models of economic development and foreign aid in Africa.

The Marshall Plan met a multitude of difficulties in its formation and implementation. 

National Archives

A 1951 Memorandum of Conversation in which the Chief of Protocol for Ireland’s Department of External Affairs expressed hope that the next US ambassador would not be a woman.

“An Act of Displeasure:” Reaction to the Possibility of a Woman Ambassador, 1951

Books of Interest


A Rand Corporation survey looks at public attitudes about recruitment, priorities, and challenges affecting American diplomats.

“Experiencing Expos: An Oral History of U.S. Citizens’ Engagement with World’s Fairs, 1962–2017” explores U.S. involvement in eight expos between 1962 and 2017, and how this #PublicDiplomacy mega-event matters to U.S. citizens, communities, and #SoftPower.

The Truman Center City and State Diplomacy Task Force report on Broadening Diplomatic Engagement Across America focuses on the role of cities and citizen engagement at local, state, national, and international levels.

In Memoriam

Edward Rowell, three-time ambassador and former president of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST)

Ann Delevan Harrop, wife of Ambassador William Harrop, mother of four, lover of dogs.

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