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April 2018

Cold War Humor, 1953
What Goes Up Must Come Down
“We Found Ourselves Living in the Midst of a Battlefield”

Let’s Talk Seriously About Afghanistan

March 2018

by Amb. Michael W. Cotter (ret.) The media is full of information about the conflict in Afghanistan. Some of the coverage supports the Trump administration’s plan to increase the U.S. military presence in that country; some of it is opposed. … Continued

Russia and Turkey—Dalliance or Alliance

March 2018

by Amb. W. Robert Pearson (ret.) Russia and Turkey are dancing a complicated pas de deux—for separate and common reasons. The happy couple has captivated global attention. There are reasons today to anticipate greater collaboration between Turkey and Russia in … Continued

Krasno Events Series & YouTube Channel

December 2017

Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professorship at UNC-Chapel Hill Prof. Klaus W Larres KRASNO EVENTS SERIES November 8, 2017 Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is a great pleasure sending you the video links to our recent events. Further below, please find links to … Continued

John Lothrop Motley: The Witty US Minister to Vienna

September 2017

John Lothrop Motley The Witty US Minister to Vienna Chapter 1 of Foreign Vistas: Stories from a Life in the Foreign Service by William Sommers If success in the diplomat’s trade were based solely on education, language facility, mastery of … Continued

Vienna Snow and Soviet Meltdown

October 2016

by Robert Baker Vienna was snowed in when I first visited there in 1972. Twenty years later I was back in Vienna to relax and to direct the Regional Program Office’ excellent staff. Then Moscow melted and the Office had … Continued

Vienna Snow

October 2014

by Bob BakerVienna was snowed in when I first visited there in 1974. Twenty years later I was back in Vienna to relax and to direct the Regional Program Office’ excellent staff. Then Moscow melted and the Office had huge … Continued

William Dean Howells as the Civil War Consul in Venice

June 2014

by William SommersDuring a recent visit with my daughter in Cambridge, Mass., we walked around the neighborhood and came upon a wonderfully reconstructed large and appealing house on Sacromento Street.  We found that it was the long ago residence of … Continued

Could the Ukraine Crisis Reboot NATO?

May 2014

By Erik Brattberg, resident fellow, the Atlantic Council Reviewed by James L. Abrahamson, contributing editor Writing for the National Interest, Brattberg sees the crisis brought on by Russia’s seizure of Crimea as “both a tremendous challenge and a tremendous … Continued

Europe and Ukraine

March 2014

By David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain Text: Review by David T. Jones In a concise speech on March 6th to the European Union (EU), British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed all of the pertinent realities regarding Ukraine. … Continued

Marxist Theoretical Debates in Europe during the Cold War

February 2014

The Premises of the Breakdown of the Communist System by Dr. Morris M. Mottale In 1965, the Polish philosopher and academician Adam Schaff, at that time a high ranking member of the Communist intelligentsia, published a book entitled Marxism and … Continued

Helsinki and Human Rights

February 2014

by Yale Richmond The participating States… Make it their aim to facilitate freer movement and contacts, individually and collectively, whether privately or officially, among persons, institutions and organizations of the participating States, and to contribute to the solution of the … Continued