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The United States and Africa

August 2003

Is the United States once again “rediscovering” Africa? What has our approach been and what should it be now? The author, a former Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs, reviews the past and charts a course for the future. … Read more

Letter from Niger May 2003

June 2003

The Winds of War Blow By It would be overstating the case to say that the Iraq War turned out to be a non-event in Niger…but not by much. In the months leading up to the war, many of us … Read more

A Witch of a Cook

January 2003

The author recounts an unusual household problem encountered at one of her posts. Or perhaps it was not so terribly unusual for Foreign Service families living year after year abroad in various countries. Certainly she and her husband solved the … Read more

Mission to Mozambique

February 2002

by Alfonso Arenales The author was a career U. S. diplomat from 1957 to 1988. In addition to senior assignments in Washington, DC, and on the U. S. delegation to the UN in New York, he held positions abroad in … Read more

Stories Out of Africa!

July 2001

Review by Edward Marks
Africa, Africa!: Fifteen Stories
By Frederic Hunter. (Seattle: Cune Press, 2000. $23.95 cloth; $14.95 paper.)

Letters from Niger: Peace Corps Adventures in the Sahara

December 2000

When Jim Bullington, a former U.S. ambassador and regular contributor to these pages, decided he’d had enough of retirement, he applied for a Peace Corps position and soon found himself in West Africa. He promised to keep our readers posted … Read more

War & Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

August 2000

American Diplomacy takes pride in presenting a major study by the distinguished American political scientist Herbert Weiss on the complex and important issue of stability, or the lack thereof, in the Congo. Few, if any, scholars have a better grasp … Read more