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A “Community” Divided

September 2010

Cuban-American Attempts to Influence Jimmy Carter’s Cuba Policy, January 1977-May 1978 by Catherine Loiacano A graduate student historian looks at Cuban-Americans and how they influenced foreign policy vis-à-vis their homeland during the Carter Administration.  Even today, U. S. policy toward … Read more

Humanitarian versus National Interests

June 2010

A Statistical Reflection on Official Development Assistance and Whether It is Directed Towards Its Goals and Ideals by Steve Dobransky American Diplomacy rarely publishes statistical analysis. But because this paper analyzes the debate over foreign aid’s purposes and motivations, we … Read more

John F. Kennedy, World Leader

May 2010

Review by John M. Handley, Ph.D.
John F. Kennedy, World Leader by Stephen G. Rabe, Washington, D.C.: Potomac Books, 2010, ISBN 978-1-59797-148-5. 246 pp.

Secret Mission

March 2010

by Larry Lesser In a departure from our usual practice, the following story is wholly a work of fiction but based on a real Foreign Service situation known to the author. We include it not only because it is an … Read more

John Hope Franklin and American Foreign Policy

September 2009

by Gregory L. Garland An active duty Foreign Service Officer points to the important influence played by the late Professor John Hope Franklin with respect to American Foreign Policy, an influence that was as subtle as it was profound.–Ed. Since … Read more

Diplomatic DX

July 2009

A Foreign Service Officer’s Ham Radio Memoir
by J.R. Bullington

Smith-Mundt: Censorship American Style?

March 2009

by Gregory L.  Garland Early Cold War legislation that still serves as the legal foundation for U.S. public diplomacy prohibits the Voice of America from disseminating information within the United States. This essay, by a Foreign Service public diplomacy specialist, … Read more

AFRICOM: Problems and Possible Remedies

February 2009

by Ambassador (ret.) Edward Marks The establishment of the U.S. Africa Command raises some questions regarding the role of the military in U.S. Africa policy, as it will be performing many tasks generally thought of as the responsibility of State … Read more