The Middle East: What Do We Do Now?

March 2006

The author of the following comments, who has had decades of experience in and study of the Middle East, used this text as the basis for two talks he gave recently to audiences of mature adults, interested in foreign affairs, … Continued

Lost in the Middle East

January 2006

Curt Jones, long a close student of the Middle East, has frequently commented on the region in this and other publications. Here he draws, on the basis of closely reasoned analysis, conclusions that many readers will hardly find reassuring. In … Continued

Review of Blix’s Disarming Iraq

July 2004

Review of Disarming Iraq by Hans Blix Review by Bob Chira Disarming Iraq. By Hans Blix. (Pantheon Books, New York 2004, Pp. 304, hardcover, $24.) Hans Blix, the former chief of the United Nation’s chemical and biological weapons inspection agency charged with verifying … Continued

The Real Axis of Evil

March 2004

Ambassador Mark Palmer is the author of the recently published Breaking the Real Axis of Evil: How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025 (2003) in which he tells the story of all the world’s remaining dictators, their vulnerabilities, and how … Continued

Global Terrorism and the Future of Iraq

September 2003

Dr. Abrahamson argues that the world must take seriously the threat of Muslim- inspired terrorism and aid the United States and Great Britain in the fight against Islamist terrorists bent upon global religious dominance.—Ed. “Most Muslims are not fundamentalists, and … Continued

An Agency ‘Guest’ of the Ayatollah

August 2003

An Agency “Guest” of the Ayatollah Review by John D. Stempel In the Shadow of the Ayatollah: A CIA Hostage in Iran. By William J. Daugherty. (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2001. Pp. xix, 288. $29.95 cloth.) “Daugherty’s first-hand account of … Continued