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American Sheikhs

May 2012

Review by Curtis Jones
American Sheikhs: Two Families, Four Generations, and the Story of America’s Influence in the Middle East, By Brian VanDeMark, Prometheus Books: New York, ISBN- 978-1616144760, 2012, pp. 252

A Line in the Sand

April 2012

Review by David Beechey
A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East 1914-1918, By James Barr, W. W. Norton & Company: N.Y., ISBN 978-0-398-07065, 2012, 464 pp.

The Middle East and the United States

January 2012

Review by Curtis F. Jones
The Middle East and the United States: History, Politics and Ideologies, Fifth Edition, Edited by David W. Lesch and Mark L. Haas. Westview Press, 2012. ISBN-13: 978081334529, 540 pp.

Middle East

December 2011

New Ambiance–New U.S. Policy?
by Curtis F. Jones

A Regional Solution to the Syrian Uprising

September 2011

by Varun Vira Evolving policies in Afghanistan and elsewhere have tarnished advocacy for a “regional solution” in the US foreign policy context as essentially a byword to mask declining US commitment and action. In the context of the Syrian uprising, … Continued

The Heineken Factor?

June 2011

Using Exchanges to Extend the Reach of U.S. Soft Power
by Giles Scott-Smith

The Lost Libertarian Moment

May 2011

by Howard Cincotta With a growing momentum in American domestic affairs, Libertarianism is a political philosophy that must be taken seriously. How would a Libertarian foreign policy differ from the traditional approach taken by both U. S. major political parties? … Continued

Mideast Revolutions and Diplomacy

February 2011

by Ambassador (ret) William Rugh, Ph.D. A distinguished retired diplomat with decades of experience in the region provides us with his look at the current turmoil in the Middle East, its promises and its pitfalls.–Ed. The events we have witnessed … Continued

Islamic Extremism and the War of Ideas

September 2010

Review by John H. Brown, Ph.D.
John Hughes, Islamic Extremism and the War if Ideas: Lessons from Indonesia, Stanford, California: Hoover Institution Press, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-8179-1164-5, 138 pp.

The Grand Jihad

September 2010

Reviewed by Colonel (USA, ret) James L. Abrahamson, Ph. D.
Andrew C. McCarthy, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, New York: Encounter Books, 2010, ISBN 978-1-59403-377-3, 455 pages

Does U. S. Policy Hurt or Help Al Qaeda?

March 2010

by Haviland Smith A long time observer of Middle Eastern affairs proposes a radical change in American policy in the region with the goal of “helping Al Qaeda die.” Would this change have unintended consequences? The suggestion itself is sure … Continued

Hanged as a Sheep

July 2009

by David T. Jones American inconsistency in our approach to other countries’ human rights violations has again been illustrated, according to this essay, by the Obama administration’s reaction to the Iranian election. – Ed. The dramatic aftermath of the 12 … Continued