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Countering Iranian Malign Influence

April 2009

The Need for a Regional Response by William Wunderle and Gabriel Lajeunesse While global attention has been focused mostly on Iran’s developing nuclear capability, the Iranian regime has also been very active in extending its malign influence throughout the Middle … Continued

Success in Irregular Warfare

January 2008

Structures and Strategies Needed by Sam Holliday   Defense Secretary Gates recently called for a build-up of American “soft power” instruments in order to better combat the long-term threats we face from Islamic extremists. In this essay, a frequent American … Continued

National Sovereignty through Decentralization

January 2008

A Community Level Approach to Development, Reconciliation, and Stability in Conflict Areas in the Middle-East and North Africa by Yossef Ben-Meir “Participatory decentralized development” has proved to be a successful strategy for fighting poverty and strengthening communities throughout the world. … Continued

The Syrian Turn

August 2007

Israeli-Syrian Peace and the New Moment In U.S. Grand Strategy
by Jason Brookhyser

Will the West—and the United States—Go the Distance?

June 2007

by James L. Abrahamson The following commentary by a seasoned observer of the international scene raises a fundamental question that calls for consideration by all interested parties, whether or not they find much merit in Osama bin Laden’s thesis that … Continued

Iraq in the Balance

April 2007

In Washington, panic. In Baghdad, cautious optimism
by Fouad Ajami

The Middle East: What Do We Do Now?

March 2006

The author of the following comments, who has had decades of experience in and study of the Middle East, used this text as the basis for two talks he gave recently to audiences of mature adults, interested in foreign affairs, … Continued

Lost in the Middle East

January 2006

Curt Jones, long a close student of the Middle East, has frequently commented on the region in this and other publications. Here he draws, on the basis of closely reasoned analysis, conclusions that many readers will hardly find reassuring. In … Continued

America Lost in Translation

November 2005

The following article by a University of Texas history professor is taken from the October 14, 2005 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education and reprinted by permission of the author.  Professor Pells deals with important and pertinent public diplomacy issues which … Continued

Conflict of Wills

September 2005

In this commentary, frequent contributor Sam Holliday addresses a current hot-button issue in public policy debate and offers his own unique and probably controversial approach to defining and prosecuting the War on Terrorism. Readers’ comments are welcome. —Assoc. Ed. by Sam … Continued