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Afghanistan is Not Our Longest War

October 2017

by David T. Jones There seems to be a new truth that whoever starts a column about Afghanistan, adds the descriptive phrase, “Our longest war.” Or words to that effect. One is not exactly sure why the writers seek to … Continued

Jihad as Grand Strategy

October 2017

Review by Jon Dorschner Jihad as Grand Strategy (Islamist Militancy, National Security, and the Pakistani State) by S. Paul Kapur, Oxford University Press: New York, 2017, ISBN 978-0-19-976852-3, 177 pp., $39.95 (Hardcover). Although the United States was a long-term patron … Continued

Making Peace in Syria: Economic Diplomacy

January 2017

by Abdallah Al Dardari Aleppo is a landmark in the Syrian conflict and has become the strongest signal of the failure of the western approach to diplomacy and other means of influence to end the conflict. This failure calls for … Continued

Beyond Benghazi: U.S. Public Diplomacy in Troubled Times

October 2016 Interview: Ambassador Thomas Pickering at George Washington University  12/2013 Intro: Despite a VERY rough transcript, this interview with one of the State Department’s greats is well worth the slog. Better yet, listen to the audio. Thomas Pickering … Continued

Revolution: the “peak births” theory

May 2015

by Laurent ChalardThe beginning of the year 2011 was the theater of two revolutions in the Arab world, in Tunisia first, then in Egypt, that nobody forecasted. They seemed to be a great surprise for most experts and politicians studying … Continued

Strategic Challenges After The 9/11 Wars

February 2015

by Amb. Thomas E. McNamara (ret.)Introduction It does not take a “foreign policy wonk” to notice that U.S. global influence today is weaker than at any time since the end of World War II. There are many reasons for this, … Continued

The Islamic World Faces Its Future

January 2015

by Benjamin L. Landis It is apparent without further explanation that the world of Islam from the shores of the Atlantic to the extremities of the Indian Ocean is today in tumult. The causes for these chaotic conditions are rooted … Continued

Tour d’Horizon on Syria, Iran, Ukraine and Russia

May 2014

By Ambassador (Ret) Thomas Pickering Video: Review by Michael W. Cotter The Richard N. Krasno Distinguished Professorship in History & International Affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, now held by Professor Klaus Larres, hosts a … Continued

The Battle for Control of the Middle East

April 2014

by Curt Jones  As a geopolitical region, the Middle East generates a never-ending power struggle for overall hegemony. That objective has never been achieved by a single contender. The Caliphate came closest. From the death of Muhammad in 632, the … Continued