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How to Save Trump’s State Department

December 2017

by Ronald E. Neumann, President, American Academy of Diplomacy December 5, 2017 The article first appeared in National Interest and can also be accessed by clicking here. Permission to reprint courtesy of National Interest. For ten months the State Department has … Read more

The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy

December 2017

by Hans N. Tuch Currently there is no  institutional functional or operational relationship between the  Department of State and the Voice of America, a relationship that  served  the successful conduct of U.S. public diplomacy for many years—from the early 1950s … Read more

Why Diplomacy

October 2017

Why Diplomacy American Academy of Diplomacy by Ronald E. Neumann Permission to reprint courtesy of Ms. Kristin McHugh, Executive Director and It’s essential to the successful pursuit of national security, foreign policy and economic goals. Why should Americans pay … Read more

Afghanistan is Not Our Longest War

October 2017

by David T. Jones There seems to be a new truth that whoever starts a column about Afghanistan, adds the descriptive phrase, “Our longest war.” Or words to that effect. One is not exactly sure why the writers seek to … Read more

Winning in Afghanistan

October 2017

by Haviland Smith President Trump’s stated goal during his August 21 speech in Arlington, Virginia was “winning in Afghanistan.” The unfortunate fact is that between US and Middle East realities, “winning in Afghanistan” is highly unlikely—probably impossible. Part of the … Read more

How the Presidential Transition Process Works

January 2017

And Why This One Will Be Like No Other by Michael W. Cotter The sub-title is not quite accurate, since each administration transfer happens a bit differently. But not this different. At least in living memory there has not been … Read more

Obesity in Foreign Affairs

April 2016

by Peter Bridges One of America’s great evils is bureaucratization, at all levels of our national life including our conduct of foreign affairs. Maybe “bureaucratization” is too long a word; perhaps we might call it office obesity. In any case … Read more

Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN

March 2016

by Tatiana ChristyRussian Hybrid War Reaches the UN The global community once again is searching for the best candidate for the post of UN Secretary General to replace the current head of the UN Ban Ki-Moon. At the end of … Read more

The Necessity of a World Leader

January 2016

by Godfrey Garner The terror events of these past two serve as a stark proclamation which announces that the world is in need of a drastic change in policy and method of operation. We must today, as a human race, … Read more

Saakashvili as Odessa governor

September 2015

by Dimitry ShlapentokhSimilar to that of other turbulent periods in world history, post-Soviet realities demonstrated an almost similar political narrative. In Georgia, the fate of Mikheil Saakashvili started out as one of the most bizarre. Charismatic and quite popular in … Read more

Foreign Service Masochism

June 2015

by Edward Marks “A Glass Half Full“, as our colleague David Jones put it in the March issue of the FSJ in describing the contemporary American Foreign Service. As he noted, FS personnel are congenital pessimists but then he reproved … Read more