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Dear Sir or Ma’am:

I was recently reading an article on your website written by William M. Dale titled The Impact of Christian Zionism on American Policy from April 2004. Mr. Dale asserts that “England’s legal scholar Blackstone went so far as to present to U.S. President Harrison a petition calling for an international conference to promote the return of the Jews to Israel,” (Dale, 2004). This is incorrect. Sir William Blackstone was in fact a jurist in England but the correct Blackstone that he (Dale) is attempting to discuss was William E. Blackstone of Chicago, IL, USA. He presented President Harrison with the Blackstone Memorial which was signed by over 400 prominent American politicians, businessmen, and religious leaders. Also, Justice Brandeis and Mr. Blackstone did not meet until well after the Memorial was presented to President Harrison. Brandeis convinced Blackstone to share the Memorial with President Wilson. It is very clear that Mr. Dale does not approve of Christian Zionism, which is his right, but he should at least check his facts before making assertions.

Colby McCormick

PS I have included links so that you can verify my clams.

Mr. Dale’s original column

Links to websites that illustrate the actual Blackstone

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