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Comment On: Edmund DeJarnette

June 2015

Dear Editor, I have just learned that our former colleague Edmund DeJarnette has died. Here is the obituary which appeared last month in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Ed DeJarnette was one of the most accomplished Africanists in the Foreign Service, … Read more

Comment on: The Popes visit to Poland

May 2014

Csaba, I just wanted to tell you that I thought Dick Virden’s article on the Pope’s visit to Poland was a thing of true beauty. And the report that he wrote about the visit at the time reminded me that … Read more

Comment: Facebook note on political leadership

April 2014

Dear Editor: I read with interest Jon Dorschner’s “Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivalry.” ( ) I think he greatly misses Pakistan’s changing role in the regional diplomacy under Nawaz Sharief. If he is tracking the developments inside that country since … Read more

Comment on Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948

December 2013

Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948 From: Vít Å taif Subject: Error in the Text Date: November 25, 2013 at 4:43:08 AM EST Good morning, I’d like to inform You, that an article “Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948 …” contains … Read more

Comments on the Flood in Lisbon

September 2013

From: “Brian” Date: August 11 Just read the Flood in Lisbon story. I was the one who left the party with the author’s daughter Susan, and did not get to stay behind for the aftermath. I was the one who … Read more

“Global War Gone Wrong”: A Response

June 2013

by Harrison Akins I would like to thank Ambassador Anthony Quainton, the distinguished Diplomat-in-Residence at American University’s School of International Service, for writing a review of The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a Global War … Read more

An exchange on “The Future of Public Diplomacy in Brazil”

June 2013

An exchange on “The Future of Public Diplomacy in Brazil” (March, 2013) Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 10:34 PM Subject: Blair Rapalyea’s Article in “American Diplomacy” Bill, I just read your student Blair Rapalyea’s article “The Future of  U.S. Public … Read more

Comment On: Terrorism Must Be Fought By All Means!

May 2013

Terrorism Must Be Fought By All Means! First of all, me too as a victim of the Serbian genocide and terrorism in Kosovo (1989-1999), with persistence and indignation condemn killing and wounding of innocent people at the Boson Marathon (April … Read more

Comment on: The New World Order

June 2011 To the Editor: As I started to read Dr. Holliday’s article “New World Order” I began to take notes in order to prepare a lengthy commentary on the astounding number of erroneous and unsubstantiated statements he used in his … Read more

Reader Comments on Measuring Public Opinion Under Political Repression

May 2011\ From Fubara David-West: This is a refreshing revision of the dogma about the status of public opinion in authoritarian polities. The point is that the ability of the regimes in these societies to sustain themselves is dependent both on … Read more

Comment on: Public Diplomacy in Uniform

April 2011

Reader Comment on: “Public Diplomacy in Uniform: The Role of the U.S. Department of Defense in Supporting Modern Day Public Diplomacy” by James Rockwell, Financial Management Specialist, Global Financial Services Center, Department of State This (rather biased) article shoots … Read more