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Contributor Biographical Sketches

April 1997

EDITOR’S CORNER   Biographic Information (cont.) As the reader of these scrolled pages may have noticed, only a small band of colleagues make up the staff and Editorial Advisory Board of this journal. But as Seneca so wisely noted long … Read more

A Call for Papers

March 1997

O ur readers will note, we hope, that in this ‘issue’ of American Diplomacy all three of our featured, more lengthy articles — those by Dick Kohn, Frank Crigler, and Curt Jones — take the form of essays rather than … Read more

The Foreign Affairs Oral History Program

December 1996

Mr. Kennedy, director of the Foreign Affairs Oral History Program based at the Foreign Service Institute outside Washington, DC, and a retired Foreign Service officer, has provided American Diplomacy the following description of the Program and its offerings, along with … Read more