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To the Editor:

As I started to read Dr. Holliday’s article “New World Order” I began to take notes in order to prepare a lengthy commentary on the astounding number of erroneous and unsubstantiated statements he used in his analysis. Then I read the following and I knew that such a commentary was totally useless: “Any realization of a new world order of smaller nation-states in the 21st century must start with the current international system. The larger countries (United States, European Union, Russia, China, India) would have to evolve into federations of nation-states.”. It is obvious that Dr. Holliday lives in an intellectual Fantasyland somewhere over the rainbow beyond Cloud 9. First, the European Union is not a country, i.e., a sovereign nation. It is already an incomplete federation of smaller nation-states. Second, Dr. Holliday needs to explain why “large countries”, such as Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Japan, etc. are excluded from the requirement to evolve into federations of nation-states. Third, he needs to identify what characterizes a small nation-state. Is it population, extent of territory, size of GDP, or a combination of all these and possibly other criteria? And fourth, and most importantly, Dr. Holliday needs to prepare a second article to explain how he envisions that the “large countries” will voluntarily go about dismembering themselves. That would really be interesting reading.

If you have the opportunity, please extend my best wishes and thanks to your predecessor for his work as editor of this web publication.

Benjamin L. Landis

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