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FROM: Samantha West

This was a good recounting of Japanese POW’s during WWII.  However, the subtitle was provocative, and then Straus failed to support his statement “a model not followed in Iraq” with anything other than hearsay.

I believe his subtitle was simply a way to interject his dislike of the Bush administration into what would have otherwise been a good article. It paved the way for him to write the one and only paragraph that had anything to do with Iraq; a paragraph that was nothing more than an opinion.

“Similarly, Americans captured large numbers of Iraqis initially and in the current period of extended insurgencies. In this case, we, the captors, evidenced again a general American disdain of another very alien culture heightened by public revulsion over the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein, linked in the public mind, however falsely, with the 9/11 attacks.”

Shame on American Diplomacy for publishing something so obviously biased.

Samantha West



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