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From Loyola University Departments of Sociology, Political Science, Peace Studies

Israel/Palestine–Healing the Rift
March 21, 2004
9:00am – 6:00pm (with ample time for breaks)

Loyola University School of Law, Rubloff Auditorium, 25 East Pearson Street, Chicago, IL  60611 (just North of Chicago Avenue, between State Street and Wabash Avenue, very near the Chicago Avenue Red Line CTA station)

9:00 Registration and Coffee / Bagels
9:30 Welcome on behalf of Arab/Jewish Peace Communities
9:35 Welcome to Loyola, Crawford, PhD Dean of Liberal Arts, Loyola
9:45 Felafel and Borscht Comedy Ray Hanania Aaron Friedman

Media Distortions
Jeffery Harder, Professor of Communication, Loyola University
Ray Hanania, Journalist

Israel Palestine-a Historical Impasse?
Micheal Lerner, Founder of Tikkun Magazine and Community
Professor Moishe Postone, University of Chicago
Professor Ghada Talhami, Lake Forest College.
Umar ben-Ivan Lee, Author

Faith, Reconcilliation and Healing
Professor Marcia Hermansen, of Theology, Loyola University
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian, Rabbis for Human Rights
Professor Donald Wagner, North Park University

11:30 Lunch break
NIMN Vigil at Noon at Water Tower

1:00 Keynote Address: Michael Lerner Bush, Sharon, Mel Gibson and the Elections of 2004: strategies for spiritual survival and social change in an age of war and cynicism 

2:15 Break


Getting the Message Out
Carl Davidson, Networking for Democracy
Marilyn Katz, MK Communications

Answering Objections
Steve Rothchild, Tikkun Community
Ina Marks, Tikkun Community

Everyday Life in Palestine-a Multi Media Show
Ray Hanania, Journalist


Building a Peace Community Locally and Nationally
Robyn Lundy, National Organizer for Tikkun Community


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