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Peace Corps Today
The Peace Corps Today: Celebrating 50 years of Service Past, Present , and Future
Peace Corps Today
Reflections on Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps Director Extrodinaire and the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Corps September 1986

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the U. S. Peace Corps in 2011, Peace Corps volunteers were asked to contribute 150 to 300 words (less than one page) to a compilation of submissions on the theme:  “How my Peace Corps experience changed me.”

American Diplomacy is pleased to share the responses received.

NEW Sept 21 Vignettes from my Peace Corps Experience by Ralph Bates
In That Time of our Life by Jerry Norris
On Being an American by Brenda Brown Schoonover
How the Peace Corps Changed My Life by Rhoda Brooks
Images of Revolution and Reality by Parker W. Borg

“How my Peace Corps experience changed me” essays from:
Ralph Bates
Harlan Green
Donald E. Hall
Lyle John Young
Ed Williams
Phil and Linda Johnson
Anne C. Politzer
Lance Craighead
LT Michael Kinzer
Amb. (Ret.) Victor L. Tomseth
Vincent R. Linares

Richard W. Slatta
Jay Hersch
Gracey Uffman
Travis Hellstrom
Fred A. Coffey
Elizabeth Ategou
Nathan Forster
Guy E. Olson
Bob Gribbin
Joe O’Connell
Mike Anderson

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