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Addressing global problems, including climate change, requires global action. Diplomacy is key.  



A Master Class in Diplomacy by Jonathan Rickert

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January 2014 Book Review from American Diplomacy Journal
April 2010 Book Review from American Diplomacy Journal.

ADST Moments in Diplomatic History

President Reagan’s 1984 visit to China included a stop in Shanghai, tasking the small U.S. consulate with handling a huge number of accompanying travelers, including 300 journalists.

National Archives

Communicating with a president on travel has changed over the years.

Book Cover: Subcontinent Adrift: Strategic Futures of South Asia

Book Review

Subcontinent Adrift: Strategic Futures of South Asia by Feroz Hassan Khan, reviewed  by Jon P. Dorschner

Books of Interest


The administration’s strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa “reframes the region’s importance to U.S. national security interests”.


Maintaining Momentum in Partnership and Engagement with Africa

In Memoriam

David Bolen – Ambassador to East Germany, the first black US diplomat to serve behind the Iron Curtain in Europe. An Olympic contender in track, he also served in Liberia, Pakistan, Yugoslavia and Ghana.
James Lowenstein – Ambassador to Luxembourg, deputy assistant secretary for European affairs. Remembered for his critical reports on Vietnam while serving as staff on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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