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Chapter 15: Mr. W. versus Mr. Castro

September 2018

from Our Woman in Havana: A Diplomat’s Chronicle of America’s Long Struggle with Castro’s Cuba
by Ambassador Vicki Huddleston
Copyright c 2018 by Vicki Huddleston. Published by arrangement with The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-4683-1579-0

Krasno Events Series & YouTube Channel

December 2017

Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professorship at UNC-Chapel Hill Prof. Klaus W Larres KRASNO EVENTS SERIES November 8, 2017 Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is a great pleasure sending you the video links to our recent events. Further below, please find links to … Read more

Obama and China’s Rise

June 2012

Review by Donald Camp
Obama and China’s Rise: An Insider’s Account of America’s Asia Strategy by Jeff Bader, Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, ISBN-13: 978-0815722427, 2012. 171 pp.

Putin’s Statecraft

January 2012

Reviewed by John Coffey
Allen C. Lynch, Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft, Potomac Books: Washington, DC, ISBN 13- 978-1-59797-298-7, 2011, 184 pp.

Don’t Substitute Spy Services for Leadership

June 2003

The author, director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies based at Duke University, sets forth a cogent, thoughtful rationale for the changed direction the United States has taken in waging preemptive war against a putative foe.—Ed. “The truth is … Read more

The Case Against Pinochet

June 1999

By J. Craig Barker The author addresses, in the Chilean context, human rights questions and international law bearing on heads of state. Given the current conflict in the Balkans, clearly the topic could come to have have wider interest on … Read more