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U.S. Relations With China: DACOR Conference Summary

November 2022

by Keith McCormick and Emma W. Sandifer As relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) loom ever larger for the U.S., DACOR’s annual conference in 2022 focused on “Balancing Competing Interests in U.S. Relations With China.” The Washington-based organization … Read more

The Anarchy

November 2019

The East India Company, Corporate Violence, and the Pillage of an Empire
reviewed by Jon P. Dorschner

Reimagining Pakistan

May 2019

(Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State)
Review by Jon P. Dorschner

Books of Interest Fall 2018

September 2018

Near Abroad, Thailand, The Road to Unfreedom, US Counterterrorism, In Praise of Blood, The Darkening Web, China’s Great Wall of Debt, The Peace Makers