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America Lost in Translation

November 2005

The following article by a University of Texas history professor is taken from the October 14, 2005 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education and reprinted by permission of the author.  Professor Pells deals with important and pertinent public diplomacy issues which … Continued

A Passing Tribute

October 2005

This observer noted with more than a little sadness the death this past July 7th in Virginia of retired ambassador Davis Eugene Boster, a colleague on a Foreign Service tour years long gone by. I did not have the privilege … Continued

The Mess of American Public Diplomacy

October 2003

The author discusses why U. S. public diplomacy is a “mess” and how to clean it up. Mr. Helmke is a senior professional staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. These remarks were made at the Public Diplomacy Institute … Continued

American Diplomacy Publicizes Essay Contest

February 2002

Essays should be in English and no more than 2,000 words, preferably prepared in MS Word and submitted electronically to Ambassador Cotter no later than June 1, 2002.