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Africa’s Great Hunger Handicap

October 2016

by Mark Wentling The hefty burden of widespread hunger prevents Africa from realizing its full potential. Accepting that good nutrition is the foundation of life and human progress, Africa is clearly falling behind other regions. As long as Africa remains … Read more

Humanitarian versus National Interests

June 2010

A Statistical Reflection on Official Development Assistance and Whether It is Directed Towards Its Goals and Ideals by Steve Dobransky American Diplomacy rarely publishes statistical analysis. But because this paper analyzes the debate over foreign aid’s purposes and motivations, we … Read more

The Future of International Humanitarian Action

September 2004

A conference on “Humanitarian Action, Security and the Military,” the Ninth Annual Humanitarian Conference sponsored by Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland, took place at the International Conference Center of Geneva, 22-23 April 2004. The authors of this detailed report present a … Read more

Letter from Niger May 2003

June 2003

The Winds of War Blow By It would be overstating the case to say that the Iraq War turned out to be a non-event in Niger…but not by much. In the months leading up to the war, many of us … Read more

Letters from Niger: Peace Corps Adventures in the Sahara

December 2000

When Jim Bullington, a former U.S. ambassador and regular contributor to these pages, decided he’d had enough of retirement, he applied for a Peace Corps position and soon found himself in West Africa. He promised to keep our readers posted … Read more