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The Troia Horse

December 2000

A BRAZILIAN DIPLOMAT in Lisbon first mentioned Tróia to my husband and me soon after our arrival in the late 1960s. His enthusiastic description of the place sent us there on the next springlike Sunday. My husband, Alf, had been … Continued

Let Sleeping Tsars Lie: The Curse of the Romanovs

April 1999

by Keith Moon “Yeltsin himself came to fame in the old Soviet system when, in 1974 as the regional Communist leader in Sverdlovsk (now renamed Ekaterinburg), he ordered the razing of the Ipatiev House where the last Romanov tsar and … Continued

Attitudes Toward European Security, 1990-1997

April 1999

    by Sorin Lungu INTRODUCTION Among the myriad complex issues raised by the end of the Cold War in Europe, the most confusing and frustrating by far have concerned the elaboration of an institutional security system consistent with the … Continued

Bombs for Peace: Misreading Kosovo

April 1999

Bombs for Peace? MISREADING KOSOVO A Senior Fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute, Dr. Radu has written extensively on Balkan questions. See also his “Terrorism in Latin America: Learning from Lima” in Volume II, Number 2, 4th of July 1997,of … Continued