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Reporting on the Spread of HIV in China

November 2019

by David Cowhig Chinese physician Dr. Wang Shuping predicted the HIV epidemic among Henan peasant blood sellers and eventually raised the alarm all the way to Beijing when local and provincial authorities ignored the rapid spread of HIV among the … Read more

Peace Corps’ early days: The day the FBI came knocking

October 2017

by John C. Long Reprinted with permission from John F. Kennedy founded the Peace Corps shortly after his inauguration to fulfill a promise he’d made to University of Michigan students at a bull session after a presidential campaign speech. … Read more

Success in Irregular Warfare

January 2008

Structures and Strategies Needed by Sam Holliday   Defense Secretary Gates recently called for a build-up of American “soft power” instruments in order to better combat the long-term threats we face from Islamic extremists. In this essay, a frequent American … Read more

Handler of the Spy Who Saved the World

August 2003

Book Review Editor’s Note This special “Intel Issue” reflects the explosion in intelligence historiography and the cornucopia of declassified Soviet and American documents covering the Second World War and the Cold War that began following the end of the Cold … Read more

James Burnham, the first Cold Warrior

December 2000

by Francis P. Sempa Often we remark that the convert exhibits an unusually devoted commitment to his or her new cause. Such evidently was the case with the subject of this essay. Remembered as an anticommunist American intellectual and dedicated … Read more