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The Barrios of Manta

October 2013

Review by Brenda Brown Schoonover, President of American Diplomacy Publishers
The Barrios of Manta by Rhoda and Earle Brooks, Amazon Digital Services, 2013, ASIN: B008KPZQRO, 324 pp., $4.99 (Kindle); originally published by New American Library, 1965, ISBN-13: 978-9997555700.

China and Africa

April 2013

Review by Adam Clayton Powell III

China and Africa: A Century of Engagement by David H. Shinn and Joshua Eisenman, University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia PA 19104, ISBN 978-0-8122-4419-9, 523 pp.

Poverty Amid Plenty

March 2013

Review by Jon P. Dorschner

Poverty Amid Plenty in the New India by Atul Kohli, Cambridge University Press: New York, 2012, ISBN 052-1-513-871, 264 pp.

Putin’s Statecraft

January 2012

Reviewed by John Coffey
Allen C. Lynch, Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft, Potomac Books: Washington, DC, ISBN 13- 978-1-59797-298-7, 2011, 184 pp.

How the Peace Corps Changed my Life

March 2011

by Rhoda Brooks The Peace Corps is fifty years old; an anniversary that dazzles me! I was just 26 years old and my husband, Earle, 28, when we joined fifty years ago. Now I am in my seventies and Earle … Continued

Special Report: Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

March 2011

The Peace Corps Today: Celebrating 50 years of Service Past, Present , and Future Reflections on Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps Director Extrodinaire and the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Corps September 1986 To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the U. … Continued

The Truth of the Matter

March 2011

Review by Richard Gilbert
Borg, P., Carroll, M.,Kasdan, M., Wells, S. (editors), Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines, Peace Corps Writers Publishers, ISBN 13: 978-1935925019, 505 pp.

Humanitarian versus National Interests

June 2010

A Statistical Reflection on Official Development Assistance and Whether It is Directed Towards Its Goals and Ideals by Steve Dobransky American Diplomacy rarely publishes statistical analysis. But because this paper analyzes the debate over foreign aid’s purposes and motivations, we … Continued

The Peace Corps

February 2010

2011 marks the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Peace Corps.  To mark the occasion, American Diplomacy would like to feature articles on the Peace Corps, including both anecdotal and analytical contributions by former Peace Corp volunteers, current Peace Corps volunteers … Continued