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An Essay on Terrorism

August 2003

The author, a retired U. S. Foreign Service officer, sets forth a thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis of the terrorism phenomenon, one that repays a careful reading. Without defending terrorist acts in moral terms, Nicolson raises questions about their efficacy and … Read more

Conducting Diplomacy in the Age of Terrorism

September 1998

Author Kenneth Stammerman, shown above with US troops at Dhahran,Saudi Arabia, retired in 1994 as a senior U.S. Foreign Service officer after a career spanning twenty-seven years, much of that time dealing with the Middle East. He took up his … Read more

Us Against Them on Terrorism

September 1998

Curt Jones is a member of this journal ’s editorial advisory board. He spent thirty-years as a career diplomat, most of it stationed in the Middle East or concerned with Middle Eastern affairs in Washington. His article “Trying to Stop … Read more

Terrorism in Latin America

April 1997

Editor’s note: The following commentary, prepared under the auspices of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, Pa., fits well into the category of controversial inquiry offered by Curt Jones in the previous ‘issue’ of American Diplomacy. Jones, a former senior … Read more

Terrorism: Its Cause and Cure

March 1997

by Curtis F. Jones “In an imperfect world, terrorism, like war, is a necessary evil.”  On July 20, 1944, a massive conspiracy against Adolf Hitler culminated in the explosion of a bomb at his headquarters in Rastenburg. Hitler escaped with … Read more