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From the National Archives

April 2018

Cold War Humor, 1953
What Goes Up Must Come Down
“We Found Ourselves Living in the Midst of a Battlefield”

Murrow’s Cold War

January 2017

by Renee Earle Murrow’s Cold War: Public Diplomacy for the Kennedy Administration (2016) by Gregory M. Tomlin. University of Nebraska Press: Potomac Books. ISBN 978-1-61234-771-4. 400 pp 12 illustrations. Hardcover, 34.95. For many Public Diplomacy practitioners, the three years that … Read more

James Burnham, the first Cold Warrior

December 2000

by Francis P. Sempa Often we remark that the convert exhibits an unusually devoted commitment to his or her new cause. Such evidently was the case with the subject of this essay. Remembered as an anticommunist American intellectual and dedicated … Read more

Review of We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History

April 1999

We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History By John Lewis Gaddis (Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1997. 425 pages. $14.99 paper.) American Diplomacy published an essay by Professor John Lewis Gaddis titled “The New Cold War History” in its Autumn 1998 issue … Read more

Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations

March 1997

Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations A Personal Recollection by J. Edgar Williams I n early 1953, I finished my year as a Fulbright scholar in New Zealand and headed home. I teamed up with three other Americans who also had been … Read more