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To begin our journal’s 25th year, we invited five distinguished diplomats to offer their views on multilateral diplomatic tradecraft at the UN


Celebrating and Commemorating by W. Robert Pearson


Can Sisyphus Win? Reforming Diplomacy for New Challenges by June Carter Perry

Can the U.S. Still Be an Example to the World? by Renee M. Earle

How Do We Talk to Foreign Audiences After Trump’s Subversion? by Ken Moskowitz

Cold War Conflicts over a Khmer Temple by John Burgess

–Five Perspectives on the United Nations and Multilateral Tradecraft–

Promoting Peace and Prosperity Through the United Nations by Thomas R. Pickering

Multilateralism and the Superpower by Jeremy Greenstock

Making Change Happen Within the United Nations by Catherine Bertini

“Reformed Multilateralism” at the United Nations by Asoke Mukerji

Multilateral Training and Work at Foreign Ministries by Kishan S. Rana



Mongolia Emerges by Peter Bridges

A Light in the Window in Communist Times by Jonathan Rickert

ConOff’s Suspicions Are Aroused by Michael Mates

VOA—a Biased, Sentimental Recollection by Philip Brown


National Archives

Vietnam Negotiations, 1968: The Problem of Leaks



Working with the United Nations — negotiating the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Part 1: The lead-up to the first round of negotiations.

Part 2: “The Whole World Was Against Us”

Part 3: Moving to the Endgame


Book Reviews

Henry Kissinger and American Power: A Political Biography by Thomas A Schwartz, reviewed by Fletcher Burton

Books of Interest



Belfer Center | Recommendations by the American Diplomacy Project at the Harvard Kennedy School to reform the State Department.

AAD | American Academy of Diplomacy proposals to foster a climate of inclusion, increase accountability and transform the U.S. diplomatic service to a more competitive service truly representing the nation.

CFR | Council on Foreign Relations proposals for revitalizing the State Department and American diplomacy.

AFSA | Recommendations by the Association of Black American Ambassadors to address barriers to diversity and inclusion in the foreign affairs agencies.


Picks from 25 Years

To mark our 25th anniversary, we spotlight past articles about diplomats, diplomatic practice, and challenges facing the State Department


In Memoriam

Ed Perkins

Laurence Pope