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No Shortage of the “New Terrorists” With No Place to Hide

December 2001

Review by David W. Thornton
The New Terrorism: Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass DestructionThe New Terrorism: Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass Destruction. By Walter Laqueur. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. Pp. 312. $15.95 paper.)

Art Imitating Life?

November 2001

Review by Henry E. Mattox
Flash Point. By James W. Huston. (William Morrow: June 2000. Avon (paper): June 2001. Copyright 2000. 579 pp.)

Beijing Plays the “Washington Card”

October 2001

Review by Steven I. Levine
America’s Response to China: A History of Sino-American Relations. Fourth Edition. By Warren I. Cohen. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2000. Pp. xviii, 270.)

The UN of the “Four Policemen”

October 2001

Review by David Ettinger
FDR and the Creation of the United Nations. By Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997; 2000. Pp. xii, 287.)

Modernization Theory: Ideology or Fad?

July 2001

Review by Michael H. Hunt

Modernization as Ideology: American Social Science and “Nation Building” in the Kennedy Era
By Michael E. Latham. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2000. Pp. xiv, 288. $45 cloth; $18.95 paper.)

Stories Out of Africa!

July 2001

Review by Edward Marks
Africa, Africa!: Fifteen Stories
By Frederic Hunter. (Seattle: Cune Press, 2000. $23.95 cloth; $14.95 paper.)

The Armed ‘Ugly American’ of the Orient

June 2001

Review by Carl R. Fritz
Born a Foreigner: A Memoir of the American Presence in Asia.
By Charles T. Cross. (Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1999. Pp. 281.)

The Bear v. The Eagle Over Anatolia

June 2001

Review by William N. Dale
Both Hunter and Hunted: A Cold War Adventure.
By Vincent Joyce. (Lincoln, Neb.: Writers Club Press, 2001. Pp. 318. $16.95 soft cover.)

Liberal Missionary: The ‘Whole’ Dean Rusk

December 2000

Dean Rusk: Defending the American Mission Abroad By Thomas W. Zeiler (Wilmington, DE: SR Books, 2000. Pp. xvii, 235. $17.95 paper.)   Liberal Missionary: The ‘Whole’ Dean Rusk By Jack Perry* IN HIS USEFUL bibliographical essay at the end of this … Read more

McCarthy and His Enemies, Revisited

April 2000

Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America’s Most Hated Senator By Arthur Herman (New York: Free Press, 2000. Pp. vi, 404. $26 cloth.) McCarthy and His Enemies, Revisited by Larry I. Bland* A POLITICAL TRACT DISGUISED AS A … Read more

The American Metternich Remembers Realpolitik

April 2000

By Victor Fic   Years of Renewal By Henry A. Kissinger (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1999. Pp. 1,119. $35 cloth.)     Henry Kissinger might just refute Andy Warhol’s nostrum that every American will be famous for fifteen minutes. … Read more

Uncle Sam Supreme Guardian of the Saudi Crown

April 2000

Review by Hermann Fr. Eilts   Saudi Arabia and the United States: Birth of a Security Partnership By Parker T. Hart (Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1998. Pp. 283. $35 cloth.)   In 1991-92, President George Bush deployed a … Read more

The Great Game A Duel of Intriguing Imperialists

February 2000

By Michael Cotter Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire In Central Asia By Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac (Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint, 1999. Pp. xxv, 573. $35 cloth Journalists Karl Meyer and Shareen Brysac … Read more

The Unlikely Lady Planter

February 2000

By Richard Matheron Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda By Rosamond Halsey Carr with Ann Howard Halsey (New York: Viking Penguin, 1999, Pp. 248. $23.95) I fear this cannot be an unbiased book review. I look back … Read more