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Message from the New Editor

July 2007

Beginning July 14, [Jim Bullington] will undertake with pleasure and gratitude the editorship of American Diplomacy…

Change of the Guard: New Book Review Editor

August 2006

A Change of the Guard American Diplomacy informs its readership that our book review editor for the past nine years or so has resigned his post. Dr. Rorin Platt will remain on the American Diplomacy Publishers board of directors, but has … Read more

A Special Appeal from the Editor

August 2003

Please do not consider this an appeal for funds, as useful as we find money in meeting the expenses incurred in publishing the volunteer-staffed journal and as tax deductible as donors find their contributions. You will find a request for such … Read more

Two Years of Achievments

June 2003

Two Years of AchievementsRecent weeks have pointed up for the United States the uncertainties of the international power struggle, that is, the win-some and lose-some aspect of relations between nation states. I make this point not with regard to military … Read more

Subscriber Info

January 2003

Dear reader,If you are a new visitor to this web site you may be yet unaware that American Diplomacy is not a periodical publication in which new issues are published on a monthly or quarterly basis. Rather, the content of our publication … Read more

The Journal’s Editorial and Publication Policies

June 2002

The Journal’s Editorial and Publication Policies: An Invitation Renewed Submissions Previous Publication Evaluation Acceptance Photo submission Copyright Within the field indicated by its title, American Diplomacy has followed an eclectic publishing policy over the past nearly six years of its … Read more

Plus ça Change…

April 2002

  We have seen some changes here at the journal’s corporate sponsor, and I thought it might be well to let you in on them. But bear in mind, changes or no, the basics will remain the same. The parent … Read more

American Diplomacy Publicizes Essay Contest

February 2002

Essays should be in English and no more than 2,000 words, preferably prepared in MS Word and submitted electronically to Ambassador Cotter no later than June 1, 2002.

Essay Competition on U.S. – China Relations

August 2000

The National Committee on United States-China Relations, based in New York, has announced the establishment of an essay contest in the memory of the late A. Doak Barnett, an internationally recognized scholar in the field. The competition is open to … Read more