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From the National Archives

April 2018

Cold War Humor, 1953
What Goes Up Must Come Down
“We Found Ourselves Living in the Midst of a Battlefield”

From the National Archives

March 2018

Tribute to a Fallen Diplomat by David Langbart Nikita Khrushchev’s Memoirs: Fallout? by David Langbart

From the National Archives

December 2017

Berlin Reacts to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David Langbart Great Britain’s Royal Wedding of 1947 by David Langbart

From the National Archives

October 2017

Intraoffice Humor at the National Security Council, September 1973 by David Langbart Poland Celebrates the Sesquicentennial of U.S. Independence, 1926 by David Langbart John Foster Dulles Enters Duty As Secretary of State by David Langbart Theodore Roosevelt Schools the Department of … Read more

From the National Archives

February 2016

Department of State Records Relating to Atrocities Against the Armenians During World War I  

From the National Archives: Bureaucratic Pique

April 2014

by David A. LangbartAn essential aspect of the U.S. foreign policy program, especially since the 1930s, is the use of cultural representatives abroad.  Having major musicians perform overseas under the auspices of the U.S. government is a major component of … Read more