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Charles W. Yost: The Emergence of a Diplomat

September 2014

by Felicity O. Yost My father, Charles Woodruff Yost, joined the Foreign Service at the suggestion of former Secretary of State Robert Lansing, a family friend and neighbor in Watertown, New York. Lansing’s Watertown brother-in-law, Pastor Allen Macy Dulles, had … Continued

The Edge of the Sahara

June 2014

by Bob Baker My press releases from the U.S. Embassy in Bamako, Mali, on American aid programs  were ignored by government order.t I had the  idea to  combine health propaganda with the fact of U.S. help in the vaccination campaign … Continued

Darkest Nigeria

May 2014

by Bob BakerFrom USIA headquarters in Washington, I made official inspection trips to rate the officers at our African posts. One trip to Nigeria in 1982 was memorable. Nigeria’s Benin and Ife bronzes (12th-17th centuries) are among the world’s greatest … Continued

First Foreign Service Post Abroad, Kampala, Uganda

March 2014

by Bob Baker”Don’t worry about the upsets in Kampala, Bob,” my new boss in Africa wrote reassuringly in 1967 before I left Washington, D.C, “It’s more like gang warfare in Chicago than a real war and has already calmed down.” … Continued

Marry an Asian Woman

February 2014

by Larry Lesser I’m thinking about a man I saw when I was a consular officer in the American Embassy New Delhi back in the ’60s. He was an American citizen; I’ll call him Abner Strong. He came in one … Continued

Helsinki and Human Rights

February 2014

by Yale Richmond The participating States… Make it their aim to facilitate freer movement and contacts, individually and collectively, whether privately or officially, among persons, institutions and organizations of the participating States, and to contribute to the solution of the … Continued

My last years in Africa

February 2014

by Bob BakerMy last years in Africa, 1968-1969, were in Mali, mostly sahel or desert except around the Niger and Senegal rivers. It was called “a hardship post” because of the isolation, heat, diseases, and the local Marxist anti-American dictatorship. … Continued

If You Like Cats, Join the Foreign Service, Perhaps

September 2013

by Yale Richmond (In the feline spirit of its subject matter, we are running this item as a purebred hybrid Foreign Service Life/Opinion piece. Ed.) In Vientiane, Laos, where I served 1954-56, we had a house cat that can truly be called … Continued