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Policing a disorderly world: Burundi

April 1997

“How is the United States to avoid taking matters into its own hands and becoming the world’s policeman if multinational institutions fail to do the job?”   BURUNDI   by J. R. Bullington   L i k e  R w a … Continued

Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations

March 1997

Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations A Personal Recollection by J. Edgar Williams I n early 1953, I finished my year as a Fulbright scholar in New Zealand and headed home. I teamed up with three other Americans who also had been … Continued

Policing a disorderly world

March 1997

We take pleasure in presenting the following commentary drawn from remarks made 11 February 1997 at a meeting of the English Speaking Union at Southern Pines, North Carolina, by a former U.S. ambassador to two Central African nations. His remarks … Continued

Les Homosexuels du Foreign Service

March 1997

The following commentary, written originally for readers of French by a former member of the U.S. Foreign Service now retired in France, addresses an obviously controversial topic. These musings were occasioned by the publication of an article by Mead Jennings … Continued

Japan at War: Kobe and the Exchange

March 1997

As our readers will note elsewhere in this issue of American Diplomacy, Roy M. Melbourne led an event-filled life as a U.S. Foreign Service officer from 1936 to 1971. Not least of those experiences, which he recounts in his autobiography, … Continued

Terrorism: Its Cause and Cure

March 1997

by Curtis F. Jones “In an imperfect world, terrorism, like war, is a necessary evil.”  On July 20, 1944, a massive conspiracy against Adolf Hitler culminated in the explosion of a bomb at his headquarters in Rastenburg. Hitler escaped with … Continued

The Money Crunch

March 1997

Are We Seeing the Twilight of Professional Diplomacy? The Money Crunch A C C O R D I N G   T O   N E W S reports, the U. S. military establishment, 1.2 million people strong, costs some $246 … Continued

The Foreign Affairs Oral History Program

December 1996

Mr. Kennedy, director of the Foreign Affairs Oral History Program based at the Foreign Service Institute outside Washington, DC, and a retired Foreign Service officer, has provided American Diplomacy the following description of the Program and its offerings, along with … Continued

Southeast Asia in 1996

December 1996

by Ronald D. F. Palmer I. History of Recent TimesTHIS IS WRITTEN IN 1996, one year after the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II was widely celebrated in the United States and Europe. The Asians marked the … Continued


December 1996

by Matthew M. Oyos JIMMY CARTER HOPED that his presidency would a bring fresh start to America. He vowed to lend a new openness and honesty to government to help heal the deep and festering wounds that the Watergate affair … Continued