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The Monroe Doctrine after 200 Years: A Strategic Hinge Period in American History by Thomas E. McNamara

The Battles of Bangui by June Carter Perry

Mission Strategic Plans: A Neglected Developmental Tool by Mark G. Wentling

The Role of U.S. Diplomacy in a Changing World by David Satterfield



Doing More with Less, or a Stunt? by William Harrop

Secret Baseball in China by W. Robert Pearson

A Mongoose Walked into a Narcotics Den…. by Ed Marks

“La Grande Bouffe” or, Now and Then Diplomatic Life Does Include a Swanky Dinner Party by Jonathan Rickert


From Our Archives

Given the recent flurry of US/China diplomatic activity, we thought our readers might like to see some coverage of the subject in American Diplomacy, ranging from the 1990s to the current era.

US Relations with China: DACOR Conference Summary by Keith McCormick and Emma W. Sandifer, November 2022

The One China Policy: Terms of Art by Stanton Jue, April 2006

China’s Grand Strategy and US Foreign Policy by Avery Goldstein, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, September 2005


ADST Moments in Diplomatic History

In the United States, elected officials make foreign policy and diplomats carry it out. Sometimes, policy conflicts with diplomats’ consciences. Here is one such case.

Rebel With a Cause — Struggling with the Armenian Genocide

The US supports democratic elections to determine who leads a country. Sometimes, that process can bring to power someone we don’t like. This oral history excerpt covers one such election.

The Sandinistas Return: Navigating the 2006 Nicaraguan Election

National Archives

Isaac Hayes Gets a B- 1976 In this extract, the State Department rates Isaac Hayes a B- performer in response to a question about him from its embassy in Khartoum. I’d have to rate the Department’s cable at no higher than D-.


A hard-hitting critique of decades of U.S. foreign policy, culminating with Ukraine.


Several supporters of most aspects of US policy in Ukraine and one at least partial dissenter.


An update on Russia’s involvement in Africa, to be considered in conjunction with William Harrop’s Eyewitness story on that subject in this issue.