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AFSA  | Preserving America’s Global Leadership by Barbara Stephenson

Science and Diplomacy | A Diplomat’s Perspective on Use of Science and Evidence in Implementing PEPFAR by Jimmy Kolker

Brookings | 4 Essential Elements of a U.S. Strategy on Syria by Michael E. O’Hanlon

Rand | Russian Social Media Influence, Understanding Russian Propaganda in Eastern Europe by Todd C. HelmusElizabeth Bodine-BaronAndrew RadinMadeline Magnuson, Joshua Mendelsohn, William Marcellino, Andriy Bega, Zev Winkelman

The Hill | Return of the TPP: Trump realizing trade deal aligns with goals on China by Earl Anthony Wayne

Handelsblatt | EU ambassadors band together against Silk Road by Dana Heide, Till Hoppe, Stephan Scheuer, Klaus Stratmann

National Security Archives | Department of State’s Dissent Channel Revealed

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