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Our aim is to have Americans see how important it is that the United States be present on the global stage.  We hope the series encourages people to join public service to represent our great nation abroad in whatever capacity they choose.  The careers of the Generals and the Ambassadors in these conversations will give us a glimpse into this exciting world.  We hope you enjoy them.

Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann (ret.)
American Academy of Diplomacy
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A podcast series by the American Academy of Diplomacy, The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation brings together outstanding diplomatic and military collaborators to recount stories of representing and defending U.S. interests abroad. Host Ambassador (ret.) Deborah McCarthy brings these stories to listeners in thirty-minute episodes.

Episode 1: General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker discuss their partnership in Iraq 2007-2008 during the surge campaign – as running buddies and political/military strategists. They review their bad cop/good cop approach and warn about Iran…

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Watch our Episode 1 intro video:

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