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Of Special Interest:
From American Diplomacy Board Member Amb. William C. Harrop

“America’s Diplomats” is a one-hour documentary prepared for screening in 2016 on PBS. It was commissioned by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation and produced by the Foreign Policy Association under the direction of MacDara King.

The film will be shown on PBS in early March 2016, at various times depending upon the scheduling of PBS regional stations. The premiere in Washington took place in the Amphitheater of the Ronald Reagan Building on November 19, drawing about 450 people.

It is designed to summarize the historical contribution of American diplomats to the nation’s security and well-being, and to provide a portrait of the Foreign Service of the United States, America’s professional diplomatic service. It illustrates the responsibilities, achievements and challenges of United States diplomacy in the 21st Century.

The film is a companion to the United States Diplomacy Center, America’s first museum and center of educational outreach on diplomacy, now under construction in Washington adjoining the Department of State.

The idea of creating this film came from American Diplomacy board-member Ed Marks, who had taped an interview with the Foreign Policy Association producers for their “Great Decisions” program. Many World Affairs Councils, schools and universities organize local programs annually to debate six or eight major foreign policy issues that FPA researches and outlines for them.

The film is aimed at the general American public to build knowledge and appreciation of what diplomacy has contributed to the nation; it illustrates the role of the professional Foreign Service today. Ed and I made five trips to NYC to review progress and suggest improvements. Kathleen Turner, herself a Foreign Service daughter, did the narration.

This documentary gives an idea of what diplomacy has contributed, what the FS is and how it serves all Americans. Now our challenge is to help people see it. The Carnegie Endowment will show the film in NYC. The San Francisco World Affairs Council is preparing an event centered on it; It will be shown on PBS stations, and we are encouraging other regional screenings.

After the PBS showing we will be using the film to promote the U.S.Diplomacy Center. See detailed information at: and

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