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“The Nuclear Threat from Iran”
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, delivered an historic and controversial address to a joint session of Congress about the nuclear threat from Iran. Netanyahu was highly critical of the deal being negotiated by the Obama administration with Iran’s leaders, claiming that it will pave the road to a nuclear Iran.;

“Energy Security and U.S. Foreign Policy”
In a January 2015 speech at Columbia University, Thomas E. Donilon, former Obama administration national security adviser, assessed the impact of the changing world energy landscape on U.S. national security policy.

“The Strategic Importance of North America”
In February 2015, Shannon K. O’Neil, Council on foreign Relations Senior Fellow on Latin American Studies, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Subcomitteee on the Western Hemisphere on economic and energy issues related to North America. She stressed the importance of these issues to U.S. security interests.

“The Future of American Power and Influence”
In a recent discussion at the Council of Foreign Relations, Joseph Nye and Peter Zeihan, the author of The Accidental Superpower, addressed a wide range of issues confronting U.S. foreign policy, including our strategy against ISIS, a broader Middle East strategy, cyber-related issues, etc.

“The Sinews of Peace”
On March 5, 1946, former British Prime Minister delivered his famous “iron curtain” speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Churchill warned that from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, the Soviet Union was crushing freedom and imposing communist rulers on the peoples of central and eastern Europe.

“U.S. Relations in Northeast Asia”
On February 27, 2015, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman reviewed U.S. relations with the countries of Northeast Asia. Her remarks focused on China and Japan.

“The Struggle for Iraq’s Future”
On February 18, 2015, the American Enterprise Institute hosted a discussion on Iraq’s future by Kenneth Pollack, Kimberly Kagan, and Frederick Kagan. The speakers focused on the need for political reconciliation and for a continuing U.S. security presence.

“Strategy for Defeating the Islamist Challenge”
House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul outlined a seven-point plan for addressing the Islamist threat at an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in February 2015.

“China’s Security and Foreign Policies: Comparing American and Japanese Perspectives”
On February 27, 2015, the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion of U.S. and Japanese perceptions of China’s foreign policy with participation by eight distinguished panelists who addressed a variety of security topics related to China.

“Pragmatism and Practice: The Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew”
In February 2015, the Brookings Institution hosted an event focused a new book about Singapore’s legendary statesman Lee Kuan Yew. The speakers included contributors to the book and Asia scholars. They reviewed Lee Kuan Yew’s ideas on governance and policymaking.

“Arab Public Opinion on Terrorism”
Dr. Munqith Dagher of the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies, presented a survey of Arab public opinion in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and Libya about terrorism to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in March 4, 2015.

“European Strategies for Countering Violent Extremism and Foreign Policy Aggression”
Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez delivered an address at the Brezinski Instutite on Geostrategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on March 4, 2015. He spoke about violent extremist groups as well as Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“Index of U.S. Military Strength 2015”
On February 24, 2015, the Heritage Foundation presented its 2015 index of U.S. military strength, and several speakers discussed the implications of a relative decline in U.S. military power vis-à-vis other rising world powers.

“How to Prevail Against a Poisonous Ideology”
On February 25, 2015, Mansour Al-Nogaidan, Director-General of Mesbar Center for Studies and Research, delivered a speech to UNESCO in Paris, condemning the Islamists who are murdering and terrorizing Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the name of Islam.

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