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A Special Petition from the EditorPlease do not consider this an appeal for funds, as useful as we find money in meeting the expenses incurred in publishing the volunteer-staffed journal and as tax deductible as donors find their contributions. You will find a request for such support from Publisher Bart Moon in his message appearing in the current American Diplomacy.

No, please take this as a request for intellectual capital from our readers—commentary, analyses, personal reminiscences, and the results of scholarly research. We are pleased to receive your relatively brief letter to the editor, as well.

Elsewhere on this website you will find our requirements for submissions spelled out in detail. We welcome and are pleased to consider contributions of this kind from virtually all sources, all sides of the political spectrum; from scholars both accomplished and still budding; from persons associated with diplomacy and foreign relations of any nationality; from experienced writers and those who wish to try their wings. As editor, I admit to according a bit of special attention to submissions from retired U. S. Foreign Service people, but every contribution will receive careful assessment from the staff and, as appropriate (especially in the case of the longer, research-based articles), the Editorial Review Panel.

So, let us hear from you. E-mail me at <> with your intellectual contribution attached.


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