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We received the following publication announcement by e-mail from Professor Satish Kumar in New Delhi, India. For further information, contact him at the addresses listed below. .— Ed.

by Prof. Satish Kumar

India’s National Security Annual Review 2001 brings together the best minds on security studies, international relations, economy, science, technology and governance to make an assessment of India’s national security in the year 2000. The challenges to the national security of India are no longer merely political and military but also include economic, technological and those emanating from a host of internal and external factors which threaten the country’s internal security. An attempt has been made in this volume to assess these challenges on the basis of analytical articles written by eminent scholars, technocrats and policy-makers, both serving and retired, in the various fields mentioned above. The volume also includes a section on chronology of major events having a bearing on India’s security, a section on select documents and a section on basic statistics.

This is the first volume of a series, which is planned to be annual, covering the events of each calendar year. It is hoped that this series, which is the first of its kind, will tend to focus attention of the policy-makers, scholars, analysts and commentators on India’s national security needs in a comprehensive and integrated manner.
817 pp.

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by Prof. Satish Kumar

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