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Despite the short time lead, American Diplomacy believes the following announcement may be of interest to many of our readers—Ed.

The Triangle Institute for Security Studies and the U. S. Army War College cordially invite you to attend their conference on “Terrorism: Threat and Response.” This conference will be held at the Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC on February 27 and 28, 2002. The program includes such notables as Yonah Alexander (Potomac Institute); Rohan Gunaratna (Center for Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews University, Scotland), Larry Goodson (author of “Afghanistan’s Endless War”), Ian Lesser (RAND, Ambassador Edward Walker (President of the Middle East Institute), Francis Hoffman (Hart-Rudman Commission) and many others. This conference presents an invaluable opportunity to participate in a thoughtful discussion of an issue which is of vital concern to us all. For further information call Carolyn Pumphrey at (919) 684-5162 or email her at The program, registration forms, and information on lodging are also available on the TISS Web Site.

( TerrorismConference.htm)

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