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American Diplomacy would like to remind readers that its publication depends entirely on voluntary contributions. None of the staff that works on the journal receives any remuneration, nor do the authors of the essays we publish. Nonetheless, ours is not a cost free operation. We must pay the firms that design and manage our website and provide us with internet access. There are, in addition, the costs of office supplies, telephone and postal service, and the upkeep and servicing of our computer equipment. The total is not negligible. The Internal Revenue Services recognizes American Diplomacy as a nonprofit enterprise, thus contributions to support it are tax deductible under U.S. federal income tax rules. When you look for worthy activities to support, we hope you will think of American Diplomacy. Checks should be made out to American Diplomacy Publishers and forwarded to Box 3114, Chapel Hill, N.C., 27515.

R. Bartlett Moon
Foreign Service Officer, Ret.

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