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Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide Debuts New Website

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide, formerly the Association of American Foreign Service Women, is proud to announce the debut of its new web site.

Foreign Service Lifelines, the first web site exclusively for Foreign Service family members, was adopted by AAFSW in mid-1999. Since then, the original site has been expanded and completely redesigned. Now located at, the site is more attractive, easier to navigate, and quicker to download. AAFSW now provides extensive membership information online, complete with a printable membership application/renewal form for mailing. Viewers may read about many AAFSW activities and services on the site, with more to be added in upcoming months. The original Foreign Service Lifelines now comprises the “news and views” portion of This webzine is thriving with several features that are updated monthly. “Perspectives” is a collection of essays and editorials on various aspects of Foreign Service life. “Tips from the Trenches” is a series of advice-oriented articles on coping with the realities of Foreign Service life, from consumables shipments to domestic help. The Cyberspouse profiles Foreign Service family members who have used modern technology to create portable careers. This column also provides general advice on using the Internet to research future job assignments, post a resume, or just to shop. All Lifelines articles are fully archived on the site and are a valuable resource, particularly for those new to diplomatic life.

Other new features include: first-hand reviews of Washington, D.C.-area temporary housing accommodations; a Foreign Service reading list complete with reviews and purchasing information; and revised and updated links pages. The Washington, D.C., links page includes city and county home pages for the Washington suburbs as well as links to local newspapers and radio stations (many of which broadcast live online). From local property tax information to Redskins scores — you can get to it from this page!

The growing Notes for Newcomers section includes reprinted articles on expatriate life, as well as recommended books, articles and links that will be especially useful to those new to our global community, whether or not they are members of the U.S. Foreign Service. The site includes information and instructions for subscribing to livelines, an active email discussion group open only to members of the U.S. Foreign Service community that has proven to be exceptionally useful for newcomers.

Finally, the Family Liaison Office and the Overseas Briefing Center of the Department of State have contributed extensive information concerning their resources and staff. Most of the staff members of either of these offices may be emailed directly from The Overseas Briefing Center will also be posting an updated list of course offerings on a monthly basis.

We hope that will become an essential resource for the Foreign Service community. Our collection of articles, reviews and links will continue to grow. A monthly email newsletter is available to anyone who would like to be informed of articles and other material on the site. Sign up from the Whatís New page! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Melissa Hess, Managing Editor
Kelly Bembry Midura, Webmistress

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