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As evidence that U.S. Foreign Service folk do not always dine formally in stuffy diplomatic settings, American Diplomacy
offers up the following recipe submitted by retired Foreign Service employee Judy Chidester.

Let us know what you think after trying the dish, and better still, send in your own favorite that you perhaps used overseas. – Ed.


A Foreign Service recipe for social emergencies
contributed by Judy Chidester

Combine one can each of:

Tuna Fish,
Cream of Chicken Soup,
Chow Mein Noodles,
Bean Sprouts, and
Cashew Nuts (use less than one can)

Add spices — garlic, thyme, celery seed and sometimes celery (when available abroad)

Bake until heated through.

Serve hot.

Granted, it’s one of the more unusual recipes we have run across, but we take it that our Foreign Service colleague Judy Chidester prepared this dish fairly often while trying to balance embassy crises abroad with social emergencies in the kitchen. According to Ms. Chidester, “It’s sometimes said by guests, ‘The dish doesn’t look too great, but it tastes fine.’” You decide.

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