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American Diplomacy takes pleasure in making available to its readers a press release, dated February 13, 1998, provided to us by the U.S. Department of State.~ Ed.

Important News

Historian’s Office Page Added to
Department of State Web Site


The Department of State unveiled on its Web site today a new home page prepared by the Department’s Office of the Historian, including historical information and office publications. The page features basic information on the “Foreign Relations of the United States” series, the official documentary record of U.S. foreign policy compiled in the Historian’s Office, and the texts of press releases and summaries of recently released volumes. The full texts of some “Foreign Relations” volumes, including 1961-1963, Volume X, “Cuba, 1961-1962 (Bay of Pigs),” and 1961-1963, Volume XI, “Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath,” can also be accessed from this site.

The new page also presents complete editions of the Office of the Historian’s other publications, including “Principal Officers of the Department of State” and “United States Chiefs of Mission,” “Visits Abroad of Presidents of the United States,” and “Foreign Travels of the Secretaries of State” (all updated through 1997), a “History of the United States Department of State, 1789-1996,” and the “Preliminary Study on U.S. Efforts To Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II,” released in May 1997.

The site also contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the history of the State Department and the Foreign Service and descriptive information on the Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation. A Timeline of brief narrative essays on major events in U.S. diplomatic history is currently under development.

The complete address of the Office of the Historian’s Web site is: It can be accessed from by clicking on “Index” and going to “H” for Historian’s Office.

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