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American Diplomacy takes pleasure in making available to its readers an internship announcement submitted by author and scholar Eugene Schmiel.

(Be sure not to miss Dr. Schmiel’s piece entitled
“Ms. Hearst, I Presume” in the current issue of this Journal).

~ Ed.


Important News

Institute for Experiential Learning Announces Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars
Internship Program


The Institute for Experiential Learning (IEL), Washington, D.C., announces its Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars internship program for the coming summer. The program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students interested in international affairs to do an academic-based internship in Washington in an embassy, international organization, or foreign affairs agency. IEL supplies the placement opportunities, housing, classes, supervision, etc., and makes sure the experience earns academic credits. Information is available on our web-site, including an application — see

Write or telephone for additional details to

Dr. Eugene D. Schmiel,
Director for Academic Programs and Senior Associate,
Institute for Experiential Learning,
1901 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 707,
Washington, DC 20006.
Tel: (202) 833-8580 or 1-800-IEL-0770.
Fax: (202) 833-8581
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