Alliance Politics in Asia

September 2011

Reviewed by James W. White
Thomas J. Christensen, Worse Than A Monolith: Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia. Princeton: Princeton University Press, ISBN 978-0-691-14260-9, hard cover, (ISBN 978-0-691-14261-6 paperback), 2011, 306 pp.

Canada Elects

October 2008

The Alternative North America Goes to the Polls
by David. T. Jones

George Bush’s Unfinished Asian Agenda

June 2005

The author bases this informative survey on a presentation he made in April to a university study group on Asia. As the reader will note, he finds the record mixed, with successes in dealing with China and Japan, and a … Continued

The Real Axis of Evil

March 2004

Ambassador Mark Palmer is the author of the recently published Breaking the Real Axis of Evil: How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025 (2003) in which he tells the story of all the world’s remaining dictators, their vulnerabilities, and how … Continued

Canada and Quebec in 2003: A Time of Transition

September 2003

The author, a retired career diplomat, served as minister-counselor for political affairs at the U. S. embassy in Ottawa during the mid-1990s and has kept a close interest in Canadian politics. Mr. Jones has published previously on the topic in … Continued

How to Save the UN-a Personal Statement

April 2003

This old observer finds himself still, at this late writing, caught between two points of view: not fully committed either to launching a war in Iraq or to strong opposition under practically all circumstances. Not completely convinced that Saddam’s Iraq … Continued