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Letters from Niger: Peace Corps Adventures in the Sahara

December 2000

When Jim Bullington, a former U.S. ambassador and regular contributor to these pages, decided he’d had enough of retirement, he applied for a Peace Corps position and soon found himself in West Africa. He promised to keep our readers posted … Continued

War & Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

August 2000

American Diplomacy takes pride in presenting a major study by the distinguished American political scientist Herbert Weiss on the complex and important issue of stability, or the lack thereof, in the Congo. Few, if any, scholars have a better grasp … Continued

The Agony of the Congo

April 2000

EVENTS IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of the Congo since early June have added to the general despair for Africa’s future. Uganda and Rwanda, two governments closely allied with the United States, have gone to war against each other in the … Continued

The Infrastructure of American Diplomacy

April 2000

The author, a distinguished retired U.S. ambassador, prepared the following in May 2000 as a draft issues paper under the auspices of the Rand Corporation 2001 Project. Summarizing multiple recommendations under ten headings, his penetrating analysis of the problems and … Continued

The Unlikely Lady Planter

February 2000

By Richard Matheron Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda By Rosamond Halsey Carr with Ann Howard Halsey (New York: Viking Penguin, 1999, Pp. 248. $23.95) I fear this cannot be an unbiased book review. I look back … Continued

Revising the U.N. Trusteeship System — Will It Work?

September 1999

Somalia as a case study for a ‘commerce-based’ alternative Revising the U.N. Trusteeship System — Will It Work? By Harry A. Inman and Walter Gary Sharp, Sr. The authors, both attorneys with international experience, bring to bear on their analysis … Continued

Conference on “Conflict in Africa”

April 1999

SPECIAL REPORT The author of this account has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Triangle Institute for Security Studies since mid-1997 and also teaches history at North Carolina State University. She earned a doctorate in history at Duke University in … Continued

Surviving Double Jeopardy

April 1999

  by James L. Huskey “I counted and identified bodies in a strange déjà vu of the Tiananmen body count. It was surrealistic as colleagues came running to tell me this colleague was alive . . . or that colleague was dead. . . . “We … Continued

Conference on Conflict in Africa

February 1999

Conference on Conflict in Africa On February 5-6, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies will hold a conference at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill on conflict in Africa. Our purpose is to gather a distinguished group of scholars from … Continued

Plans unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa

September 1998

American Diplomacy takes pleasure in making available to its readers an announcement by the Journal’s sponsoring organization, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (T.I.S.S.) ~ Ed.   An Update: Plans unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa February 5-6, … Continued

Where does the violence come from?

July 1998

Violence is akin to an addict’s quick fix — Where does the VIOLENCE come from? by Francis Underhill In my last column (American Diplomacy, Spring 1998), I explained why I think war is now obsolete for modern, industrialized states. I … Continued

Safirka: Envoy to Somalia

April 1998

U.S. envoy Peter Bridges affords us here an unusual personal look into the experience of a professional diplomat taking up the post, for the first time, of the American ambassador. He went to a nation, in this instance, noted for … Continued

Policing a disorderly world: Burundi

April 1997

“How is the United States to avoid taking matters into its own hands and becoming the world’s policeman if multinational institutions fail to do the job?”   BURUNDI   by J. R. Bullington   L i k e  R w a … Continued