Books of Interest Fall 2018

September 2018

Near Abroad, Thailand, The Road to Unfreedom, US Counterterrorism, In Praise of Blood, The Darkening Web, China’s Great Wall of Debt, The Peace Makers

Africa and the Politics of Possibility

December 2017

by Louis S. Segesvary, Ph.D. To entice tourists and quell the fears of the naïve, Africa is often presented in travel books as a magical destination, where sweeping savannahs and imposing mountain ranges serve as a backdrop to an exotic … Continued

Angola – an ambassador’s daily diary

October 2017

Angola – O dia-a-dia de um embaixador Angola – an ambassador’s daily diary by Ambassador Antonio Pinto da France Edicao de Livros e Revistas, Lisbon 2004 Translation by Ed Marks Selections From the preface I was the third Portuguese ambassador … Continued

Africa’s Great Hunger Handicap

October 2016

by Mark Wentling The hefty burden of widespread hunger prevents Africa from realizing its full potential. Accepting that good nutrition is the foundation of life and human progress, Africa is clearly falling behind other regions. As long as Africa remains … Continued

Getting Sick in Africa

March 2016

by Bob Baker Malaria was like having a pain X-ray of all your bones, but after a fever bout, shaking chills diverted attention from your aching bones. I had taken all the anti-malaria pills but had evidently bumped into a … Continued

The Mind of the African Strongman

November 2015

Reviewed by Anthony Quainton Herman J Cohen, The Mind of the African Strongman: Conversations with Dictators, Statesmen, and Father Figures, New Academia Publishing/Vellum, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-098643530, 288 pp. $34.00 (Hardcover), $24.00 (Paperback) In the course of a forty-year career working … Continued

Africa’s Hunger

March 2014

by Mark Wentling  “Cram-cram,” replied Hadjara, when I asked her what she was eating. She and about thirty other women and a dozen children dressed in flimsy black rags were camped by the last water well in a vast barren … Continued

Political, Economic, and Security Situation in Africa

January 2014

By Thomas Joscelyn, Senior Fellow, Foundation for the Defense of Democracy Reviewed by Renate Z. Coleshill, Foreign Service Officer, retired Thomas Joscelyn testified before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian … Continued