American Diplomacy Spoken Word Links–March 2015

March 2015

“The Nuclear Threat from Iran” Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, delivered an historic and controversial address to a joint session of Congress about the nuclear threat from Iran. Netanyahu was highly critical of the deal being negotiated by the … Continued

American Diplomacy Links 2.18.15

February 2015

   “The View from the Kremlin: Putin’s War on the West” As Ukraine suffers, it is time to recognize the gravity of the Russian threat – and to counter it. The Economist.|hig|12-02-2015|NA ”What Comes Next?” Without military aid, Ukraine … Continued

American Diplomacy Spoken Word Links–February 2015

February 2015

  “U.S. Intelligence Community Surveillance” Robert S. Litt, General counsel to the Office of Director of National Intelligence, in a speech to the Brookings Institution on February 4, 2015, set forth the Obama administration’s efforts to reform the methods of … Continued

American Diplomacy Spoken Word Links–January 2015

January 2015

  Origins of the Palestine Mandate The ongoing struggle over the area encompassing the Palestine Mandate created after the First World War is fueled by rival histories of the origins of the Mandate. This lecture delivered by Adam Garfinkle to … Continued

American Diplomacy Links 1.21.15

January 2015

  “Piety or Rage? On the Charlie Hebdo Massacres” What the attacks mean to the West’s negotiation with Islam in the modern world. By Seyla Benhabib, Hannah Arendt Center. Benhabib is the Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy … Continued